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Simple Living – Keep a Report Card

Keep a Report Card – Living a simple life is about making sure, and taking solid steps along our path.  You are in charge of your life, do a performance review. Break your life into categories and do a regular … Continue reading

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Urban Cultivators Define Sustainability

Just wanted to share this great article on this new invention – an urban cultivator to grow micro greens. Our community had a discussion on micro greens at one of our last events, and I wanted to share this amazing … Continue reading

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Simple Living – Start with Attitude

3 Simple Living Habits to create immediate ease in your life right now:
1) take a few moments for yourself
2) Focus on what’s important and let the rest go
3) Be in this moment, let go of hurry Continue reading

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Spring Solstice – A Time for Reflection

As we come upon the Spring Solstice of 2012, it is the perfect time for inner reflection. What are your goals for the upcoming year? What went well in the past? What would you like to do differently this year? … Continue reading

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Why Explore Color Workshop?

Why take the Explore Color workshop? learn more at http://www.wind-haven.com As you embark into the year 2012, you may find the stress increasing, and the desire to find greater meaning and clarity, and purpose in your life. The Explore Color … Continue reading

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The Effects of Colour

Colour influences the energy, of your emotions and your environment.  Each colour has its own quality of light and vibrates at its own particular energy level.  You are constantly reacting to the vibration of colour.  Whether you recognize it or … Continue reading

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Implementing Your Sanctuary Vision


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