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Are you ready to move to the next level of consciousness?

We are now on the brink of choice – to shift from old paradigms to a higher state of consciousness. Continue reading

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Connect with the ancients right in the city

The Nose Hill Park Medicine Wheel was created to allow people who are walking and enjoying the park to connect with an ancient site to teach about our relationship with the land and being a steward of the earth. It … Continue reading

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Health Benefits of Nature Walks

I wanted to share this article about the healing benefits of nature. I have often gotten the intuitive message for clients to spend time in nature… this backs up some of the reasons why it is so beneficial. A Healing … Continue reading

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Tea Ceremony

I am fascinated by all types of ceremonies, and the meaning placed in the preparation and actions.  The Japanese tea ceremony is an intricate ceremony steeped with meaning, including the preparation of the tea well before the day of ceremony, … Continue reading

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Prayer for Tobacco

Prayer with tobacco is powerful, always show respect and reverence when using it in personal prayers. (suggest you use ear phones to hear, sound is a bit soft due to background river) Never handle tobacco for prayer while angry. Following … Continue reading

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Simple Living – its a lifestyle choice

Anyone can make a start whether they live in an apartment or on a farm by altering their way of life and living style Continue reading

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Wind Haven Tiny House – a journey to Simple Living

From a small seed of an idea, the tiny house plan was formed… A few years ago, I was browsing the internet on camping, and solar power and came across Tiny Homes movement. The more I read, the more engrossed … Continue reading

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