Conscious Parenting

This post shared below really spoke to me… when we are consciously parenting as extended families of the new crystalline children, we are lovingly nurturing the new “you”, those future selves we will be in the coming generations – in our children and our grandchildren. What a beautiful experience!

And we are the masters who are here to initiate this transition to higher frequencies. How inspiring! Please read link below for inspiration from Joanna L Ross,

Conscious Parenting

Blessings to all
Deanna, Wind Haven Shaman


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Health Benefits of Nature Walks

I wanted to share this article about the healing benefits of nature. I have often gotten the intuitive message for clients to spend time in nature… this backs up some of the reasons why it is so beneficial.

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Reciprocity is the secret to a passionate & purposeful life.

A Healing Message from Nature
Spending time in nature offers many health benefits. It reduces your amount of stress hormones, bathes you in sunlight that raises your vitamin D levels, and seems to reduce the risk of developing nearsightedness. Some physicians are even prescribing nature walks for their patients, as a USA Today article points out.

Nature seems to recalibrate us, bringing us back to the rhythm and flow of our bodies’ natural home outdoors. When was the last time you were in nature and felt any anxiety or irritability easily leave your body and your energy field? Just a few minutes spent in nature turns on the parasympathetic nervous system, which counteracts the physical experience of stress. Exercise can do the same, which is why getting out into nature for a walk actually supports your body in recovering from everyday stressors. Intuitively, you may know this, but do you make the time to get outside and exercise? . . . .

As you head out to a beach, a forest, a park near your home, or perhaps your own backyard, you might want to think about working with some of the expanded-awareness exercises in my book Change the Story of Your Health and discover what messages nature has for you, and whether working with nature can bring in healing energies for you as well. You can use my Healing with the Help of the Earth meditation, available on YouTube, as you lie on the ground, or try one of the exercises in the book that involves working with the wind, water, or fire in the form of a bonfire, firepit, or candle (be careful to fully extinguish the fire afterward).

I continue to hear from people who have worked with the exercises in the book and am very pleased that several have written wonderful reviews posted on, such as these:

“I find the stories and techniques in the book are sticking with me—I catch myself thinking about them while I’m driving and in the middle of chores, and when I take a moment to do one of his exercises, it feels like a little present I’m giving to myself. I can imagine that this book is an ENORMOUS gift to give yourself if you’re living with a health issue.” 5-star review

“ONE OF THE MOST VALUABLE BOOKS ON HEALTH I’VE EVER READ. This book opened my eyes to the “health story” I’ve been telling myself for decades.” 5-star review

Unity magazine has just published a review of Change the Story of Your Health in its July/August edition, as has Rewire Me magazine and New Consciousness, and you can read an interview with me in Evolving magazine. I’ve been doing several radio interviews including on Pathways Radio, Beyond 50 radio, the Nancy Ferrari Show on the Spark It Network, and “On the Couch with Dr. Michelle” on LA Talk Radio.

For the next two days, you can access my interview and interviews with other experts on the topic of pain as part of the Pain-Free Living Summit hosted by Alejandra Rodriguez. For those of you who struggle with pain, I invite you to investigate the chapter on pain in the story of your health using the techniques in the book. Perhaps relating to your pain differently and learning what it has to teach you can shift your experience of it.

I wish all the best to you as you work to write a new and more satisfying story.
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Change The Story of Your Health
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Create your own Tea Ritual

Ritual and Ceremony are a lost art in our modern world, but they are so vital to our spiritual wellness.

Ceremony is the bridge between our ordinary life and our spiritual world.


You can join a few friends for a tea ceremony, and use your own intuitive guidance to make it special and personal for what you need. You can also incorporate a ritual of your own into your daily practice. Here are some tips:

Create a space and time for your personal tea ritual, enjoy the process

Your Personal Tea Ritual

10 – 15 minutes of uninterrupted time is all that is required.  Like all great moments, set the tone for the occasion, include what has meaning for you. Drink your tea slowly and with reverance, with the intent to get in touch with your spiritual side.

Here are some possible suggestions:

  • Select a special cup and saucer, perhaps have a special place
  • Read a poem. Out loud.
  • Say a little prayer.
  • Play a special song or music.
  • Light a candle, or incense. Focus on the light and think on your intentions for this tea time.
  • Just sit quietly. Sometimes, less is more. Sit in nature if you can – out on your patio or garden
  • Do what feels right for you, just do it with intention and meaning

Close the Ritual:

  • Close with a moment of gratitude
  • Thank yourself for giving yourself the space
  • Give thanks for the nourishing ritual that you were able to enjoy

Create a ritual that supports and nourishes you, to make you feel happy and whole

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What your self care level reveals about you

Learn what your level of self care reveals about you.

Take the Quiz.


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Tea Ceremony

I am fascinated by all types of ceremonies, and the meaning placed in the preparation and actions.  The Japanese tea ceremony is an intricate ceremony steeped with meaning, including the preparation of the tea well before the day of ceremony, and the preparation of the guests who are attending.

This Tea Ceremony blog outlines 6 simple steps to the ceremony.

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Ceremony is the bridge between our Soul and ordinary life 




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Wholeness is needed, not Holiness!

Great artice I wanted to pass along. It is time to move out of the cycle of healing and not moving forward in wholeness.

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Self Care – Breaking free from our Roles

Are the roles you are playing keeping you stuck?

Staying stuck in your comfort zone has alot to do with the roles you are playing in your life. We perceive that we are the story we have created – these are stories that define us… and confine us!  We confine ourselves to the label that we or someone else has created for us.

Self care requires reflection on our inner selves. One of the steps of self care we can take is to release us from these conditioned patterns so that we are free. Often these roles we perceive ourselves in create stress and anxiety in our lives – we work so hard to fill those roles, to our own detriment!

I want to share a story Laura shared with me after we had a discussion about the importance of looking at our roles.

On Sunday, Laura had an argument with her husband, they went to bed with it unresolved. On Monday, Laura got up and though “this is it, we are done.” So she began looking at properties, she was moving out. Tuesday she began looking at rental properties. On Wednesday, she decided even if she didn’t leave for good, she would get away for a few months.  Her mind was working on this problem, what she didn’t see, was how her roles were affecting this situation.

So Laura sat quietly, and asked her intuitive guide for advice, with whom she has developed a special connection through quiet contemplation. Her answer:

“You don’t need a divorce from your marriage. You need to divorce from your roles you are playing.”

From this information, Laura came to realize that she was playing out aspects of a role she didn’t want to.  And on further inspection, she started to identify how this role was keeping her stuck.  She realized that she was creating  a label that nobody else in her family had stuck on her, she had done it to herself.

She went on to tell me that never in her whole experience of marriage had her husband voiced an expectation that dinner had to be on the table. Never had her children complained or set an expectation. She had done this herself – she had an expectation based on a role she was playing out as a mother.

After doing some internal work around this role, Laura was able to embrace and value the work she does as a mother, but not remain stuck in the role. A while later, she did not have dinner on the table, and she had no guilt around it. Her family was fine with it, everyone managed for themselves.

Laura set up a story around the role she was playing, she set up the expectation, but later resented it. When she identified the role, and examined it, she was able to release herself from being confined in a pattern that she had created.

simple living, windhavenshaman,

I want to help you to make better choices that release you from your stories that are confining you – your roles. I want to help you step into you becoming our true selves. We can do this together by examining your roles, and stripping them away using the Simple Living philosophy.

It is time to stop being confined by your roles, and step into  your true authentic self.

I encourage you to find me on Facebook @windhavenshaman and click on my introductory video for the Simple Living online Seminar. Follow me on Facebook, and go to to get the online program. A simple life is a meaningful life, and you can get there by identifying your roles.


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