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Have you experienced Soul Loss?

As synchronicity happens, I have had several clients asking lately about Soul Retrieval sessions, and Soul Loss. How do you know if you have experienced soul loss? We often experience Soul Loss during periods of stress, loss or grief. Our … Continue reading

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Are you ready to move to the next level of consciousness?

We are now on the brink of choice – to shift from old paradigms to a higher state of consciousness. Continue reading

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Prayer for Tobacco

Prayer with tobacco is powerful, always show respect and reverence when using it in personal prayers. (suggest you use ear phones to hear, sound is a bit soft due to background river) Never handle tobacco for prayer while angry. Following … Continue reading

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Simple Living – start small and work it big!

Start your change with something small. like the shift of a butterfly wing that creates a tsunami around the world. Continue reading

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Medicine Bundle Ceremony – building of community

I am preparing for a Medicine Bundle Ceremony and reflecting on its meaning to community. We can learn alot about community in studying the native traditions. In the Plains Native tradition, community was an integral part of life, everyone worked … Continue reading

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Spring Solstice – A Time for Reflection

As we come upon the Spring Solstice of 2012, it is the perfect time for inner reflection. What are your goals for the upcoming year? What went well in the past? What would you like to do differently this year? … Continue reading

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The Effects of Colour

Colour influences the energy, of your emotions and your environment.  Each colour has its own quality of light and vibrates at its own particular energy level.  You are constantly reacting to the vibration of colour.  Whether you recognize it or … Continue reading

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Join me for a Full Moon Fire Ceremony this Tuesday, February 21, 2012. FREE EVENT! 6:30pm to 7:30pm Shamanic Fire Ceremony – Wind Haven Consulting Edworthy Park, 5050 Spruce Drive SW, Calgary Tuesday, February 21, 2012 Fire Ceremony begins 6:30pm, … Continue reading

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Creating a Sanctuary – Space Clearing Practices

Space Clearing Practices When should you consider space clearing? Typically, you would choose to clear the energy in your home after a significant event in your life, such as birth, death, sickness, move, or when you feel the energy needs … Continue reading

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Blog Series: Creating a Sanctuary

Deanna Strandquist of Wind Haven Consulting and Stacy Racher of Racher Interior Design have developed a series of blogs focusing on transforming your home into a sanctuary. The series entitled Creating a Sanctuary covers topics ranging from the spiritual aspect … Continue reading

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