Are you ready to move to the next level of consciousness?

We have heard much discussion of The SHIFT, a time in our planetary evolution in which December 21, 2012 was a marker. We are now in 2018, and what does this mean for us on a spiritual perspective?

We are facing a time of new responsibility as OLD Souls on the planet.

We are shifting to a new responsibility – that of moving from a battle to a study of the God inside. 

As you study the knowledge of the ancients, which is the study of the God inside you, you generate more light than you could imagine, going into the crystalline grid, creating portals that never existed before. Creating a consciousness that will enable other humans to generate a compassionate attitude. When you work with your connection with Mother Earth, and the elements – the trees, the rocks, the water, and the air, you create a new energy which will help to shift human consciousness.

Studying our innate divinity and our intimate connection with All Our Relations, the winged, the furred, the feathered, the rocks, the trees, and the weather, will create more light than we can imagine on this planet.

It plants the seeds firmly, not so that all will become light workers, but so that all will have a more compassionate consciousness, brought to them by the Old Souls that are changing the very crystalline grid of the planet – the Grid that remembers who you are.

crystalline grid

Crystalline Grid – it is the earth that holds memories, remembering the vibration of what you put into them. Here near the Rocky Mountains, we have the pristine energies that are relatively untouched by wars, and this energy spreads throughout the grid, assisting all of those in all parts of the planet.

We are now on the brink of choice – to shift old paradigms. 

We are now on the brink of choice – to stay where we are, in old paradigms. Or we have the opportunity to turn the corner, to realign ourselves to this new energy that is available to us, a higher coherence of compassion. We have the opportunity to move from fighting the dark to connection with Mother Earth and our divinity within.  The energies of Mother Earth will support you if you decide to explore this new experience. The rocks and the air know who you are and what you are doing. They will work with you to increase consciousness and spread this energy into the world.

As Old Souls, our energies carry far more impact, and we can make an incredible difference in this journey of human consciousness, when we shift our thinking and walk in mastery. We have the power to create this shift, to plant the seeds for a new consciousness, where we are heading as new human potential.

What the future holds for us, we may not yet be of the consciousness to comprehend. But we can expect new energies, new quantum ideas, that will be a catalyst for peace on the planet. And Old Souls will be the pioneers for this shift. Will you be part of it?

new earth consciousness

About Deanna Wind Haven Shaman

Deanna Strandquist is a modern day Shaman who uses the ancient wisdom in our modern world. Working with a shaman is an approach to self care that puts you in charge to‍‍‍ clear a full range of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual influences that affect your overall well being. When the traditional methods are no longer working, consider exploring another way to break free to live your life in an authentic way.
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