Self Care – Identify where you are not taking care of yourself

2017 is a year that we need to practice extreme self care. This is going to be a great year if we take the time to do our work – practicing self care is one of those things that will make this a year full of joy and abundance.

Identify where you are not taking care of yourself.

This may include a list of the obvious things, including eating right, smoking and drinking less, or getting more exercise. Yes, look at those, and make small changes, a little at a time.

One of the areas I encourage you to look at is where you spend your time. Do you feel like you just dont have enough time to accomplish the things you need to, so this is one of the reasons that self care is pushed to the bottom of the list?

Pay attention to who you are choosing to spend your time with. You may have to make some adjustments. If you are spending time with people who deplete your energy, who constantly complain, and are negative, but do nothing to change their lives – stop spending time with them! Choose to spend your time in more positive relationships, or in more uplifting activities. You dont need to cut them out completely, but limit the amount of time you spend.

Pay attention to the activities you are spending time on. Are they productive? Are they uplifting? One of the activities that I want to talk about is movie marathons, or binge TV watching. People watch an average of 2-6 episodes of a series in one sitting. Its positively addictive – if you watch box sets of tv series, or have streaming television, it is so seductive to just watch one more… believe me, I have been seduced!  I have gone through a whole 2 day weekend where all I did was watch movie marathons. I came away thinking of the things I didnt get done, feeling drained and exhausted, and thinking now I have to start the work week and I feel so tired.


What I have noticed people are doing is creating a routine that isolates them. Have you designed safe routines that allow you to avoid what you dont want to feel or experience? You  subconsciously create this safe but unnatural routine. But this routine is keeping you stuck in a pattern of avoidance.

In 2017, I encourage you to create new habits. What can you do for just 5 minutes that will break you out of your routine? The routine that you unconsciously designed to avoid your uncomfortable feelings.

Do anything that is out of normal makes you confront what your routine is designed to avoid. Think of the experience before getting on a roller coaster, your energy is changed. Contraction before expansion. People are missing the action step, get on the roller coaster, step out of your apartment for 5 minutes. A lot of us are in the state of worry and inaction.

Action steps are empowering! Make peace with the discomfort and the emotions. You cant meet your highest potential if you don’t meet those lower emotions. You can get into a loop where you are so stuck, trapped in the state of inaction. Find something that will shift that pattern – anything that will bring you awareness.  Action brings you in the direction you want. Step forward into the unknown, even if its scary. Put one foot forward, feel the discomfort, then listen to what that emotion is telling you. Then take another step. Take a risk, treat it as an adventure.

Some things you can consider doing:

  • get out of your house – go to the local coffee shop, take a class
  • Go for a 5 minute walk in nature
  • volunteer ( search: volunteer Calgary)
  • join a club (
  • start a hobby

I believe that each one of us is here to do something that you excel at – something you bring to the world that you are good at. And I believe that 2017 is the year to find that GIFT you bring to the world. This is the year to reach your highest potential. But you wont discover that highest potential hiding out in your bedroom!

Finding your highest potential starts with taking care of yourself. Self care has to make it on the list this year.

I encourage you to find me on Facebook @windhavenshaman and click on my introductory video for the Simple Living online Seminar. Follow me on Facebook, and go to to get the online program. I also offer coaching and energy sessions, if you need help to make changes in your life.

A simple life is a meaningful life, and you can get there by practicing extreme self care.


About Deanna Wind Haven Shaman

Deanna Strandquist is a modern day Shaman who uses the ancient wisdom in our modern world. Working with a shaman is an approach to self care that puts you in charge to‍‍‍ clear a full range of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual influences that affect your overall well being. When the traditional methods are no longer working, consider exploring another way to break free to live your life in an authentic way.
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