Simple Living – Grow a Garden

Grow a Garden – get your hands and feet in the dirt! Its grounding, soothing and relaxing. Flowers for beauty… vegetables to eat, and herbs for the spice of life! It is said the healthiest food for you is grown within a 50 mile radius to match your vibration. If you have limited time or space, can you have one pot, or join a community garden.

If you don’t have gardening experience, don’t let the idea overwhelm you. Start small, one plant, one pot or a patch in your yard. You don’t have to be a professional, trial and error gains you experience. Talk to other gardeners in your community, they will be happy to share tips with you.

Watch the following videos to give a classic example of a patio gardener preparing to grow herbs and vegetables in a condo in the city.

Next watch planting the seeds to start the seeds indoors due to our short growing season. Heirloom seeds are used to allow the gardener to save seeds for growing next year. Not all seeds purchased can be grown and reseeded –  some have been genetically modified, and any seeds collected could not be used to grow more plants.

Gardening is a simple, effective way to connect with Mother Earth and experience her abundance. Herbs in the windowsill, or a patio tomato reminds us of her bounty. Be mindful of the positive impact of locally grown food on the community rather than relying solely on imported fruit and vegetables. Sharing our crops with our community is very powerful in affecting change to think locally.


About Deanna Wind Haven Shaman

Deanna Strandquist is a modern day Shaman who practices Simple Living that feeds your Soul. Find tips and ideas that help you on the journey to simple living. Wind Haven Shaman
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