The Effects of Colour

Wind Haven Consulting, Racher Interior Design, Creating a Sanctuary, Effects of Color, Colour TherapyColour influences the energy, of your emotions and your environment.  Each colour has its own quality of light and vibrates at its own particular energy level.  You are constantly reacting to the vibration of colour.  Whether you recognize it or not, the super-conscious aspect of your being, perceives this universal language of colour and light.  Colours can be used to support and nurture you in expressing your purpose and potential.   As we all become more aware and purposeful, interacting consciously with colour becomes rejuvenating and supportive, and encourages us to bring forth awareness and clear intention into the world.

The colours of the rainbow relate to each of the seven chakras in your aura (electromagnetic field surrounding the body), and can be seen as colour.  The colours in your aura change as your thoughts and moods change.  Your body is continuously absorbing the light surrounding it, to nourish and sustain itself, thus the colour vibration of the light in your environment influences you.Wind Haven Consulting, Racher Interior Design, Creating a Sanctuary, Effects of Color, Colour Therapy

The colours of the rainbow spectrum are associated with specific qualities, and chakras in your body:

RED (Root Chakra): is the colour of strength, vitality, passion, and sexuality.  Red stimulates and increases body temperature and blood flow.  Too much red can lead to exhaustion.

ORANGE (Sacral Chakra): is the colour of movement and dance.  It encourages creativity, vibrancy and humor.  Orange can help with repressed feelings and inhibitions.

YELLOW (Solar Plexus): is the colour of joy and optimism, stimulating intellect and logic.   It is related to control, will and ego, and helps with digestion.  Too much yellow can result in excessive mental stimulation.

GREEN (HEART CHAKRA): is the colour of balance, harmony, abundance, and growth.  It soothes emotions and heals the heart.  Too much green can result in indecision and inactive feelings.

BLUE (Throat Chakra): is the colour of calm and comfort, slowing metabolism and blood pressure.  It is restful and peaceful.   Too much blue can lead to isolation and depression.

INDIGO (Third Eye Chakra): is the colour of introspection, mediation, and contemplation.  It feeds insight, intuition and perception.  Too much indigo should be avoided by those who tend to live in a fantasy world.

VIOLET (Crown Chakra): is the colour of nurturing, protective, unconditional and spiritual love.  It is a soothing colour.  Too much violet can lead to fanaticism and arrogance.

Healing though colour is unique to each individual, and depends on what is currently happening in their energy field.  The best guide for selecting each spectrum of colour is your personal inner knowing.

When integrating colour into your environment: take a moment, breathe in and out a few times, tune in to your body and evaluate its reaction.  If you feel tension in any part of your body, perhaps you can find a colour that is more soothing and harmonious to your colour needs.  Trusting your intuition will be your best guide, when working with colour to create your personal sanctuary.

Consider regularly introducing and changing small doses of colour in your sanctuary, to support your needs as you grow and evolve.  Experiment with adding small accessories to your space such as table runners, pillows, candles, ornaments and flowers.  Wind Haven Consulting, Racher Interior Design, Creating a Sanctuary, Effects of Color, Colour Therapy

Another effective technique for amplifying the effect of colour is through the use of light.  Reflect coloured light into your environment by placing coloured glass objects on your window sill.  Incorporate the use of coloured lamp shades, or bulbs.  Organza drapes, allow the sun to shine through your window and fill the room with a soft coloured light.Wind Haven Consulting, Racher Interior Design, Creating a Sanctuary, Effects of Color, Colour Therapy

For support in choosing your predominant colours, and the colour combinations unique to you, consider an Aura-Soma Colour Consultation with Deanna of Windhaven Consulting.  For assistance in selecting colour and introducing it into your home interior, consider an Interior Design Consultation with Stacy of Racher Interior Design.

References: Aura-Soma, Healing through Color, Plant and Crystal Energy, by: Irene Dalichow and Mike Booth, and Color Healing Home, by: Catherine Cumming.


About Deanna Wind Haven Shaman

Deanna Strandquist is a modern day Shaman who uses the ancient wisdom in our modern world. Working with a shaman is an approach to self care that puts you in charge to‍‍‍ clear a full range of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual influences that affect your overall well being. When the traditional methods are no longer working, consider exploring another way to break free to live your life in an authentic way.
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