Healing our Pets

I recently read an article in a newsletter by Cindy Johnston (spiritualsolutionsfortoday.com) which I want to share. She has used a shamanic energy clearing technique for pets.
Healing our Pets

The pets we share our homes with – cats, dogs and birds – are continuously exchanging energy with us. But sometimes our pet’s job description appears to be one of a healing nature. In this case, we may see our ailments show up in them.

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We can heal our pets, cats, dogs, or birds

Through loving energetic ties, I feel our pets process our stuff for us, either emotionally or through physical illness. Sometimes they lose the battle because we bring home so much stress from our busy lives day after day. I have worked with many clients who lost pets during periods of intense suffering in their lives. A pet can only do so much to help us before they become overburdened trying to drain non-productive, harmful energy.

There is a simple energy clearing process you can use to resolve this problem. The pet owner should not do this process with their pet themselves, because he or she may have a personal affinity for the energy that they are clearing. (You do not want to attract back into your life what the pet took on for you in the first place.) It’s better for someone who doesn’t live in your home, who has only an indirect relationship with the pet, to do this clearing process for you. Pick a close friend, neighbour or relative – anyone who can take 10 minutes of their time to help your furry family member.

 The pet will relax and, in an innate way, they know you are helping them return to their own natural state.

Here is the process:
1. Buy non-pasteurized eggs (non-processed through heat). Farm eggs fall under this category. I get mine from the farmer’s market or from a small shop in my local hamlet that sells local eggs.

2. Dig a hole outside, near a tree or water feature. If you live in an apartment, use the closest park. Place a rock in the bottom of the hole. Gently blow prayers of gratitude to Mother Earth into a handful of sugar and pour it into the hole.

3. Pick a fat-bottomed egg, not a pointy one. Fat-bottomed, Humpty Dumpty looking eggs are female; male eggs are pointy. If you can’t tell, dowsing works to differentiate the sex of the egg. We use the female egg because its energy is receiving not giving like the male egg so it is a better conduit for absorbing the negative energy.

4. Talk to your pet. Tell them you are doing a healing technique to help them release some energy that isn’t good for them. Have your healing companion run the egg all over the pet. Gently roll it all over their body, top and bottom. Make sure you also tend to any sore spots or areas of illness. Use an unwinding technique, counter clockwise along the spine from the head to the start of their tail. Many unhealthy energies embed itself in the spine. Most importantly, clear the heart area. You can gently hold the pet while your healing helper does this. Often the pet just stands still soaking up the mini-massage. I add a prayer while I am doing it. Depending on what animal I am working on, I pray to the dog collective, the cat collective, the angels, and the land spirits where I live, thanking them for helping rebalance the animal. I say the animal’s name so spirit knows who I am requesting help for.

5.  You will know when you are done because the egg will often get very heavy and change temperature. It will become very cold or very hot depending on the energy it took on. There is always a tangible change in the egg, showing you what it is doing for your pet. Sometimes the animal will go to walk away – a signal that they are done dumping energy. They too know when things are complete.

6. Have your healing companion take the egg to the hole in the ground and throw it in, ensuring it cracks open on the rock. If it doesn’t break, throw it in until it does. The broken egg releases the hucha (negative energy) back to the land which is important for your pet. Because the land mulches that energy and releases your pet from the drain he or she was energetically experiencing.
7. Fill the hole in with the original dirt. Whoever has done the egg work should wash their hands in water to clear them from any energy they may have connected with.

This process can be done frequently. It alleviated his stress, pain and overall discomfort. The animal knows you are trying to help. Regardless of what species they are, animals appreciate the love and support.

For any questions, or support in healing your pet, contact Deanna at Wind Haven Consulting.


About Deanna Wind Haven Shaman

Deanna Strandquist is a modern day Shaman who uses the ancient wisdom in our modern world. Working with a shaman is an approach to self care that puts you in charge to‍‍‍ clear a full range of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual influences that affect your overall well being. When the traditional methods are no longer working, consider exploring another way to break free to live your life in an authentic way.
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  1. having a pet is good. To heal an emotional problem in an animal, your communication with them is essential. In learning to speak to your pet, you can find out why they are unhappy, and why they displaying disruptive tendencies. It may be for instance that your animal resents the partner you live with. Lets say that you are a lady and have lived alone with your pet for many years, and have given it your undivided attention, until suddenly a man appears on the scene and takes the place of the pet, where attention is concerned. The animal may see this as an invasion of it’s territory and will be unhappy to see this ‘unknown visitor’ making himself at home. The pet may feel pushed out. carina

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