Finding your Assemblage Point

Here is an interesting video, discussing the human assemblage point. He talks how the assemblage point can shift with trauma.
The assemblage point is the place that we are informed about the world around us, and we create our world from it. If it is skewed, that is how we see the world.
Shamans can teach people how to find their assemblage point, and move it around to get a different perspective on the world. Very interesting video.


About Deanna Wind Haven Shaman

Deanna Strandquist is a modern day Shaman who uses the ancient wisdom in our modern world. Working with a shaman is an approach to self care that puts you in charge to‍‍‍ clear a full range of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual influences that affect your overall well being. When the traditional methods are no longer working, consider exploring another way to break free to live your life in an authentic way.
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