Energy 101 (via Enerjane’s Blog)

Great post from my friend MJ! Very easy to understand how our energy system works.
Thanks MJ!

Energy 101 Energy 101 We know that we are all energy as is everything around us.  We also know that we are connected to everything on a quantum level.  So here is some universally accepted, basic information regarding our Personal Energy. We have layers of energy emanating from and around each of us.   We all know this energy as our space. We don’t like it if someone offensive intrudes in our space; likewise we are thrilled to welcome loved ones into our sp … Read More

via Enerjane's Blog


About Deanna Wind Haven Shaman

Deanna Strandquist is a modern day Shaman who practices Simple Living that feeds your Soul. Find tips and ideas that help you on the journey to simple living. Wind Haven Shaman
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