Full moon in taurus on November 21, 2010 (blue moon) (via Enchanted Grove)

Another excellent view on Full moon in Taurus energies. Can you take some time even for a personal fire, a few candles indoors, since it is such terrible weather here in Calgary.
Over the weekend, take some quiet time, with some candles, have a personal ceremony, and spend some quality time in ceremony focusing on the energies of the Full Moon, and focus on your personal goals and their long term success.

On november 21, 2010 the  full moon is in taurus  and is  a blue  moon.. The  sun is in scorpio. So the   elements  at  play  are earth  and  water. Meditations   to focus on  would  be focus on long  term  success for  any kind type of investment (time  money  energy, home, business)for  things that you  value.. What is of … Read More

via Enchanted Grove


About Deanna Wind Haven Shaman

Deanna Strandquist is a modern day Shaman who practices Simple Living that feeds your Soul. Find tips and ideas that help you on the journey to simple living. Wind Haven Shaman
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