Soul Intelligence – Shaping your Destiny

The 3rd aspect of Soul Intelligence is Owning Your Destiny. Your well being comes from deep within, your Higher Self, not based on recent experiences in life.
See yourself as the HERO, and write your own valiant tale of beauty & truth, and find your strength.

See yourself as the Hero, write your story as overcoming obstacles to become stronger and more powerful.

We no longer have to be the betrayed lover, the wronged co-worker. We can write a new and better story where we are the one who had the courage to overcome all obstacles to a beautiful ending where we faced our challenges and came out stronger and more powerful.
We cling to our old stories because there is some sort of payoff for us. Usually it is that we are able to remain the “star” of an ongoing drama. Clinging to our stories gives us a false sense of security. But clinging to our stories is a roadblock for us embracing our destiny.
The characters in your story represent FEAR, “False Evidence Appearing Real”

Have the courage to face your FEARS, and rewrite your story with courage and conviction. All it takes is the first step, and the universe will help you on your way.


About Deanna Wind Haven Shaman

Deanna Strandquist is a modern day Shaman who uses the ancient wisdom in our modern world. Working with a shaman is an approach to self care that puts you in charge to‍‍‍ clear a full range of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual influences that affect your overall well being. When the traditional methods are no longer working, consider exploring another way to break free to live your life in an authentic way.
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2 Responses to Soul Intelligence – Shaping your Destiny

  1. Carol Leigh Rice says:

    I really like the idea of rewriting “our stories” (we have so many, don’t we?!) This is such a therapeutic, positive approach. I wonder if that is why it is also so helpful to return to when we are approximately 8-12, when they say we “know then, more than at any other time in our lives” who we are…So much after that is what we overlay – including stories – parts people may need us to play, to make ‘their stories” work?

    It also reminds me of the dramatic truth most of us are still contemplating with some wonder – that we can change our past, not just in the way we look at it, but the way it happened…Our new story may really affect the fabric of “our” Time and Space…I love your pithy posts! Carol

    • Deanna says:

      Carol, I think you are correct, we are so much closer to our authentic self as children. By the time we reach adulthood, we have crafted so many stories, and we repeat the themes over and over again. But we can shed our stories, and become more authentic.
      And you are so correct. We craft our stories to fit, so if there isn’t a bully, we reframe our story to make someone become the “bully” in our story, and we have some tale of how badly we were mistreated.
      Dr. Alberto Villolldo, PHd., one of the top shamans of the world, says that our brain doesn’t know the difference between reality, and the stories we create. So when we rewrite our story in a postive new way, we can actually inform our brains, as if it really happened. And as shamans, we understand that time is circular, so we affect the past and the future when we make a change in the “now”… like the Butterfly Effect.
      Your comments are appreciated as always!

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