Soul Intelligence @ Work

So you are wondering… what can Soul Intelligence possibly do for me at work? I have the skills I need for business, I don’t bring my beliefs to work. Oh, Really?

Our beliefs about who we are and how we fit into the world have been forming since we were born, and we go through life interacting with others based on our perception of what the world is like. So we do bring our beliefs to work, its who we are, and how we see the world.

One of the aspects of Soul Intelligence is Understanding Cause & Effect, Universal Law. You recognize that you are the creator of your life, and you take responsibility for whatever shows up.

So how does this translate in your job?  Understand that it’s not about the job, its about the people.

Soul Intelligence @ Work, it's not about the job, it's about the people



Something in your energy field attracted this job to give you the experience you need for lessons and growth. So the coworker you can’t stand is teaching you something you need to learn about yourself.

Hate your job?  Looking for a newer, better one?

Soul Intelligence @ Work

Guess what… if you didn’t “get” what you set out to learn at the old job, you will get the same lesson, the same kind of people will show up. Different people, different situation, but same theme.

Tapping into your Soul Intelligence can show you the “big Picture”.  What is showing up in your life, and how can you make it work to your best advantage at work?


About Deanna Wind Haven Shaman

Deanna Strandquist is a modern day Shaman who practices Simple Living that feeds your Soul. Find tips and ideas that help you on the journey to simple living. Wind Haven Shaman
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