Munay ki from Four Winds

Just received this interesting piece I thought I would share from the 4 Winds Newsletter.
see the Four Winds website for more details

Munay-Ki Information

We have much Munay Ki news to share!

Don Francisco Chura-Flores and I have just returned from Munay Ki classes in Byron Bay, Australia and the Big Island of Hawaii. These classes confirmed that we are all returning to that One Source as we approach 2012. In Australia, we were deeply honored by a visit from the Gyuto monks of Tibet ( who chanted the Bodhisattva chant for us, just prior to our ceremony to receive the Wisdomkeeper Rites. Aboriginal Elders also were aware of our work and passed messages along to us that we were doing deep healing work on the land down under. One in particular, tracked that we were reopening the song lines for Australia.

There is amazing magic and synchronicity present in our Munay Ki classes. The energy of the Rites is shifting as we near 2012 – with ever more potent healing nectar available to us. Four Winds is responding to these shifts in several ways. This fall, we will update the Munay Ki website ( so that it will be a more current and interactive resource (with frequent new posts) for our Munay Ki mentors. We are also holding at least three Munay Ki classes per year throughout the world, to make the Rites more accessible to everyone.


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