Healing Tears in Meditation (via Silk Road Visions)

I like this article, a bit long, but worth the read.
This is not a quick fix, but a process we can use to get to our core cellular programming and heal it.
Our healing will happen when we are ready for it, so it may take time — but our efforts will be worth it.

Happy reading!

Healing Tears in Meditation I suddenly remembered my mother’s trance work at Hillshore, along the Bay of Quinte…and her guide saying matter-of-factly – “You see, only when the tears actually flow, are there the deep changes in the cells themselves…” The meditation process which brings healing tears is its own kind of meditation, and the tears which flow are their own kind of tears. The state of mind is very close to what Carl Jung called active imagination. This is very s … Read More

via Silk Road Visions


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