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The Archetype Project

I attended the Archetype Project course: “It Depends on Who’s Looking”. It is the kind of course that changes your life. It is based on the idea of Quantum Physics. A particle that is unobserved remains unchanged. But a particle … Continue reading

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Difference Between Ceremony and Ritual

I think of ceremonies as celebrations, there may be a group of people with a common goal. Ceremonies are wonderful times to celebrate the milestones of life, a birth, a marriage, a promotion, a graduation. They are the wonderful times … Continue reading

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Wild tobacco – called Uva Ursi, Bearberry, or Kinnikinnick, natural medicine,

This is a great video discussing this wild plant, its uses and medicinal qualities. It also shows how to harvest the plant. Great video! This plant’s medicinal properties: Good for inflammation of the urinary tract, the digestive tract as it … Continue reading

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Buffalo, Going Home

I saw this video on Wild Reiki Shamanic site. Brings a feeling of peace to see the buffalo going back to their land. As stewards of the earth, we must care for all its inhabitants, including the buffalo. Going Home, … Continue reading

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Healing Tears in Meditation (via Silk Road Visions)

I like this article, a bit long, but worth the read. This is not a quick fix, but a process we can use to get to our core cellular programming and heal it. Our healing will happen when we are … Continue reading

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Change our Story

I was struggling with an issue, so visited my Shaman friend today to help me get a better look at what exactly was the issue — the big picture. I was caught up in my own story, and needed a … Continue reading

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New Moon Fire Ceremony

I attended a Fire Ceremony yesterday, as it was the new moon. The New Moon is a good time to have ceremony and set new goals. The Full Moon is good for releasing old beliefs and patterns or habits. At … Continue reading

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