The Power of Using Fire for Personal Development

I have learned the power of ceremony during my years of training in Shamanic Energy. What I have learned along the way … you don’t have to be a shaman to harness the power of the universal elements – EARTH, AIR, WATER, FIRE.

A Fire Ceremony is a traditional shamanic process that helps us to access the power of the element of FIRE. In Western Society, many of us have lost the old ways of connecting and balancing our inner energies.   Think back to the pioneers who dug in the earth – they were connected to the seasons, to the weather, to the animals in their environment. And the indigenous – whether Plains Native or South American, they were connected with all that was around them- plants, animals, weather. They were in tune to earth, matter, and spirit. Similarly, in the eastern cultures speak of Chi (Ki) and learned how to balance energies.

You can learn how to work with these energies.

All four elements can be used to transmute energy. We are going to focus on the element of FIRE.Full Moon Fire Ceremony, Wind Haven Consulting, Shamanism Calgary

Fire is a powerful transmuter of energy. Whatever we bring to fire is transformed into heat, fire, and smoke. It is returned to mother earth to be mulched up and used to rebuild. Tuning into the fire can amplify the energy of your thoughts and intentions, and carry the energy of them out to the universe to be carried out.

When we tune in our Earth Mother and follow her cycles, the elements can enhance our energies in certain ways – for example: working with energies we want to release during a full moon amplifies our intent, and during the new moon we can amplify any new goals we may set.  But I believe any time is a good time for a fire.  If you are struggling with stress, anger, sadness, you can “take it to fire” by holding a small private ceremony.

Wind Haven, shamanism, personal ceremony, new moon ceremony

In the New Moon phase spend some quiet time in ceremony.

Fire Ceremony

It is always good to set the intention for what you want to work with in your ceremony.

Open Sacred Space – honor the 4 directions and the earth and sky. This can be done by facing each direction and speaking from your heart, or silently with your intent.

Allow the fire to build in intensity, and use your intuition to know when it is time to approach the fire. You can bring up your emotions and thoughts and intentions, to release – you can write them on a paper and burn it, or blow the energy of your emotions into a small stick and place it in the fire. Make sure it is completely burned so the energy is completely released to mother earth.

This is a good time to take a moment for reflection, sit with your intention, and watch the fire transmuting the energies you have released, watch it rise with the smoke of the fire and notice if your body feels lighter, or how your thoughts and feelings might be shifting.

Fire is a portal in which we can connect with our guides and ancestors. Sitting quietly, gazing into the flames… perhaps some soft drumming or rattling… can help you shift into an altered state. From there the portal may open and you may receive messages that are helpful for you.

When the fire has died down, it is time to close Sacred Space, again by offering an expression of gratitude in each direction.

Deanna fire ceremony

Blow your issues or goals into the stick and throw into fire, hand your issues over to Spirit.

Trust that what you have given out to be transformed will happen – that what you have asked for will be done. As you have set a powerful intention for change in your ceremony the universe has heard, and will respond.

You can have a ceremony often, even if its with a small candle.  And in between, notice when you are feeling energies building, and use the elements to help you release energies.

In daily life, we pick up energy and carry it, often not our own. The energies of our family, coworkers, people we encounter that our not our own. They begin to build up and make us feel like “ICKY” – just like our physical body gets covered with dirt and sweat. Try using the elements in ceremony to release these energies, and watch how it can enhance your personal development.

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Have you experienced Soul Loss?

As synchronicity happens, I have had several clients asking lately about Soul Retrieval sessions, and Soul Loss.

How do you know if you have experienced soul loss?

We often experience Soul Loss during periods of stress, loss or grief. Our Journey as a soul is to live our life experiences to the fullest and feel those profound lessons.

On a soul level we knew what was going to happen, as part of our contract. When a soul loss occurs, we allow a fragment of our energy to remove itself, so it doesn’t have to experience the wounding. But the psyche has fragmented.

soul retrieval, shamanism, windhaven

As we become older, we experience more and more of these soul fragments – have you been in a car accident, then struggle with deep fears in traffic for fear you will be rear-ended, or sideswiped?  You may be experiencing Soul Loss.

The good news, as part of our journey of learning and growth, we can bring back these soul fragments. They return naturally when we do our work around our wounds. When conditions are right, that quanta of energy – the soul fragment – will return.

I have personally experienced spontaneous soul retrieval, and both times it was profound.


Are you ready to make the time & space in your life to integrate the soul part?

When I did my work, when I experienced the lesson I was to learn, and made space for that part of myself to be nurtured and safe, it returned to me, and my life was richer for the experience. In one occasion, I experienced a profound dream after doing some deeply personal work around my relationship with my mother. When I made space to honor myself, that “little child” that did not feel safe, returned to me. I experienced such deep joy for the next few weeks as I had not felt since childhood.

But soul retrievals are not always a wonderful experience. It can be very messy and emotionally painful.  When the soul fragment returns, we must be committed to nurturing it, and allowing the time and space for it to integrate. Remember, your life experience was painful enough that the soul part did not feel safe to stay. In many cases, it can be a deep period of transition to learn the underlying soul lesson.

So the deeper question around Soul Loss – are you ready to make the time and space in your life to integrate the fragmented soul? For many, if they are not ready, if it is just too painful to integrate this soul lesson, the soul fragment will not stay, or not even return in the first place.

In my early days of my healing journey, I went to my mentor for a soul retrieval session, and during the soul retrieval experience there was a “little twin boy and girl” who did not come back because they said I would not make time for them.

So to sum it all up – Yes, you may be experiencing a Soul Loss, and Yes, you may need a Soul Retrieval, but be prepared to do the work to integrate and make time and space for the soul part that returns. If you do, your life will be just that much richer for it.

soul retrieval, shamanism, windhaven

Soul Retrieval provides a chance to explore the fragmented parts of your psyche

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What will you do with your Energy in 2019?

New Year, new resolutions. This is the time of year people are busy setting goals, making plans to shift their life, clear the clutter and make a fresh start.

The energies of January are supporting these endeavors. So what is your vision for the coming year? Eat healthier, get more exercise and rest, or perhaps get rid of baggage (clothes, trinkets, paper, or people)? This is a good thing – life is a cycle, and as you change and grow, you out-grow things you once loved. Things, people and energy are transient in your journey – release them in love and move fluidly through your life – just like floating down a river in the warm summer breeze, the current picks things up, then around the next bend drops them off. This is the natural cycle of life. Its when we hang on too tightly that the energy gets stuck, when we resist movement.


As you change and grow, allow the energies to flow, and move fluidly through life.

The world is changing one person at a time – each one of us is a significant player in the game. The Shaman believes that what we do in this life affects the next 7 generations.  So choose to live well – pick up the garbage, share a smile with a stranger, complement a friend, and do good work.woman-3083379__340

And what you do affects those around you. When you allow your light to shine, it gives permission to others in your presence to shine a little brighter, and collectively, little by little, you affect change.

Your actions are truly changing the world – as humanity is moving from adversarial energy to peace. With every thought and every breath, you have a choice to bring love and peace or fear and darkness. As you encounter people and experiences in your day, you may be put into an adversarial position, but it doesn’t mean you have to respond in hate and anger.

Decide in advance how you will treat others no matter what they say or how they respond. You can’t control how others act, but you can control how it will affect you. When you unconsciously respond to bad behavior, you often react defensively.  If you focus on responding in a conscious manner, you can use diplomacy and compassion, and this will shift the energies within your environment.

Walk through your day with the highest aspirations, when your heart is aligned and you function intuitively, you are moved and guided to express yourself lovingly. So be aware that people you meet may try to push your buttons – at the office or in the grocery line, and remember your energy and actions is making a difference – you are creating the world you wish to live in. Each of us has a role in changing our world from adversarial into peace, and each action we take gives others around us the permission to respond in a new way, to make the world a better place.


Your light gives others permission to react in a new way, moving from adversarial to peace.

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5 Signs you are going through Spiritual Transformation

Life moves in cycles, where we have new beginnings, learning and growth, integration and transcending the issue we are facing. We experience more profound growth through difficult experiences. When life is easy, we coast along. We have the most soul growth through our challenges. Here are 5 signs that you might be experiencing a learning and growth phase of a cycle in your life. It may be described as a Spiritual Transformation. Here are 5 signs that you might be experiencing a transformation:

1) Friends disappear, you no longer feel a connection. They have met you at a certain vibration, you connected at a certain level. When we have a spiritual transformation, suddenly we might not fit into their world any longer. They sense a shift in the energetics, and may try to recreate the energy by drawing you back in, but something just doesn’t feel quite the same.
2) You feel anxiety, frustration, restlessness, or boredom with your usual activities. When you are getting ready for a shift, the ego senses that a part is going to die, and it perceives that it has a job to do for you, and it does everything it can to distract you so you will not make a change. I often felt this just before a big energy shift, a healing experience, often pacing the house, not knowing what to do with myself, or how to alleviate the internal struggle. But once I understood what was happening, I would focus on being gentle with myself. Often people will stop the healing process at this stage; they see it as too difficult, or uncomfortable to make the transition which will release old energies no longer serving. You feel “stuck”.

3) Aspects of your life start to fall apart. When something no longer fits with your energetic vibration, it begins to fall away. Just like the tower that crumbles and falls, things can fall apart in your life, often it shows up in relationships or our job.

4) You feel lost and confused about everything in your life, and where you

Mountain metamorphosis from Tammy

want to go. When we shift our energetic vibration, suddenly the comfy shoes no longer fit, and we feel the desire to search for something else, but we don’t know where to look, or even what to look for. Our life no longer fits us, and we sense it internally long before the physical falls apart. Often, we ignore those internal signs that something is not quite right. Suddenly, you are not sure about anything. Your paradigm has shifted and you are viewing life through different eyes. You may becoming more attuned to more attuned to your inner senses, which gives everything a very different color. Awareness is confusing, as there is no turning back, and often there is not a clear path forward.

5) Life lessons appear in your life. Our life is a series of cycles, so when we are in transition, and healing phase, the universe conspires to bring you life lessons in the form of a conflict, a fear, or challenge. The personality reacts, while the Soul knows facing this challenge will facilitate the rebirthing process. Look at your challenges with a beginners mind, from a bigger perspective. What is it showing you about your life, and what lessons are you being shown? For example, you get laid off from a job that you hated, but you were hanging onto for the good pension plan. Now you are free to pursue something that makes your heart sing, something you always wanted to do.
What can you do to work with the energies of transformation?
Practice awareness, watch for signs and synchronicities. The universe is supporting you and offering you opportunities and choices in all moments. It is up to us to notice, and take action. You are being offered the exact support you need, or might be asking for. It might be in the form of words from a friend, a passing billboard, or a song on the radio.
Watch & listen carefully for these messages. Notice synchronicities and be open to the flow of change. You are divinely guided and protected, you just have to ask your celestial team for help and guidance.
Slow it down. Often when we are in a state of frustration or confusion, our basic survival instincts urge us to fight or flee. So we may have the urge to react and fight back from a defensive position, or totally avoid the situation, and run from it. The best thing to do when you are feeling this way is to do nothing, do not drop into your usual reaction to situations. Take a step back, be the observer in your life. What is this situation showing you about yourself? What do you need to know about this experience? Look at it from an objective perspective.
To slow down that fight or flight sensation, the best thing you can do is to ground yourself in nature. Take a walk, notice the sights, sounds and smells around you. Take deeper breaths, slow down your breathing, and tune into your senses. Often this will put you imeditation-1287207__340n a space where you can receive the messages the universe is offering you. Then you are ready to move forward in a calm and peaceful way, and you can step into the flow of your life. You can be the conscious, awakened one walking through your transformation, and move through it with ease and grace. Rather than struggle, you can walk in power and peace.

If you are looking for support to move through your Spiritual Transformation process, Deanna offers her Metamorphosis Program to help you work through the darkness of the cocoon phase of your personal Metamorphosis.  Just as the caterpillar works in darkness through the cocoon stage, you will dive deeply into your deeper aspects to break through the walls of darkness to emerge into your truly unique and beautiful self.

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Are your spending habits a sign of Addiction?

Imbalance comes when we overindulge in any habits that may result in self sabotaging behaviours. When this pattern becomes deeply ingrained, it can lead to addiction.

When I think of addiction, what immediately comes to mind is an alcoholic, or drug addict who is dysfunctional in his life. But addiction is far more subtle than this, it take shape as some form of overindulgence.  While relatively few of us inject heroin, many of us overeat, over-drink, overthink, overspend, making choices that provide momentary pleasure, but do not feed our soul.

Addiction is the most widespread problem in our society today. Most of us feel disconnected, unfulfilled and do not know how to handle these deep inner feelings that trigger our need to distract ourselves from the inner turmoil, and may turn to substances or habits that temporarily relieve pain, reduce our anxiety, as a way to cope with our pain.

One of the more subtle and socially acceptable addictions is overspending, or using shopping to distract us from our mental or emotional problems.


Good financial decisions are an important aspect of overall health. Overextending ourselves in finances, or emotional spending is a form of addiction that can subtly lure us into its trap.

Then comes the stress of overdue bills that further adds to our imbalance. Relationship strain within couples often is due to incompatible spending habits, or financial strain. We can contribute to this relationship stressor when we use shopping to anesthetize our uncomfortable emotions.

If you use shopping to provide temporary emotional relief from your problems, I encourage you to really look at the issues behind it, and learn new ways to manage your emotions. An aspect of self care recovery is taking ownership of our thoughts, feelings and actions.  We can manage our behavior in healthier ways.

Know your values

Here are 3 practical suggestions for how to start shifting possible patterns of denial and avoidance when it comes to dealing with self indulging tendencies:

  • One of the best ways to manage the stress caused by emotional spending is to know your core values, and keep them in the forefront of your decision making process.
  • Know your life purpose – keep reminding yourself of your vision for your life, and keep that vision in mind during your decision making process. Ask yourself, “Is this decision taking me towards my vision or moving me further away from it?
  • Set goals that are in alignment with your values and life vision – what are you really fighting for?

If you are noticing a pattern in your life of coping with emotions through overspending,  now is a good time to reset your behavior.  If you are unsure how to do this, ask for help.

Look at what is really going on, deal with the underlying core issues through connection with your emotions.

If you need assistance with working through this painful emotional process, you may want to consider approaching your problem from the bigger picture, the energetic aspect.  Working with a shaman is an approach to self care that puts you in charge to‍‍‍ clear a full range of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual influences that affect your overall well being.

Deanna Strandquist, Wind Haven Shaman is a modern day shaman who uses the ancient wisdom in practical ways in modern day living. When we can slow down, live simply, and stay in balance, we have the opportunity to live an authentic, fulfilling life.


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Are you ready to move to the next level of consciousness?

We have heard much discussion of The SHIFT, a time in our planetary evolution in which December 21, 2012 was a marker. We are now in 2018, and what does this mean for us on a spiritual perspective?

We are facing a time of new responsibility as OLD Souls on the planet.

We are shifting to a new responsibility – that of moving from a battle to a study of the God inside. 

As you study the knowledge of the ancients, which is the study of the God inside you, you generate more light than you could imagine, going into the crystalline grid, creating portals that never existed before. Creating a consciousness that will enable other humans to generate a compassionate attitude. When you work with your connection with Mother Earth, and the elements – the trees, the rocks, the water, and the air, you create a new energy which will help to shift human consciousness.

Studying our innate divinity and our intimate connection with All Our Relations, the winged, the furred, the feathered, the rocks, the trees, and the weather, will create more light than we can imagine on this planet.

It plants the seeds firmly, not so that all will become light workers, but so that all will have a more compassionate consciousness, brought to them by the Old Souls that are changing the very crystalline grid of the planet – the Grid that remembers who you are.

crystalline grid

Crystalline Grid – it is the earth that holds memories, remembering the vibration of what you put into them. Here near the Rocky Mountains, we have the pristine energies that are relatively untouched by wars, and this energy spreads throughout the grid, assisting all of those in all parts of the planet.

We are now on the brink of choice – to shift old paradigms. 

We are now on the brink of choice – to stay where we are, in old paradigms. Or we have the opportunity to turn the corner, to realign ourselves to this new energy that is available to us, a higher coherence of compassion. We have the opportunity to move from fighting the dark to connection with Mother Earth and our divinity within.  The energies of Mother Earth will support you if you decide to explore this new experience. The rocks and the air know who you are and what you are doing. They will work with you to increase consciousness and spread this energy into the world.

As Old Souls, our energies carry far more impact, and we can make an incredible difference in this journey of human consciousness, when we shift our thinking and walk in mastery. We have the power to create this shift, to plant the seeds for a new consciousness, where we are heading as new human potential.

What the future holds for us, we may not yet be of the consciousness to comprehend. But we can expect new energies, new quantum ideas, that will be a catalyst for peace on the planet. And Old Souls will be the pioneers for this shift. Will you be part of it?

new earth consciousness

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Self Care Recovery is more than physical

The Self Care Recovery program is a personalized, transformational experience, that will ignite your ability to explore, discover and transform your self care regime.


Self Care Recovery Pilot Ad

We are extending an EXCLUSIVE OFFER to participate in a FREE Pilot Program

What you will receive from this program:

  • Energy Evaluation written report – this will allow you to discover where you may be experiencing energetic congestion that may be holding you in old mental or emotional patterns
  • An opportunity to explore your Goals, Desires, and deepest yearnings for yourself
  • Practice with an energetic tool for accelerating your Cycle of Self Care
  • A personalized Ritual which will transform your self care habits
  • Personalized Recommendations for moving forward for enhanced self care practices.

What you will get:

  • THREE 1-hour consultations (Zoom or Skype)with MP3 recording
  • High vibrational Audio meditation – Journey for Self Care – which will allow you to deepen into the next level of your blossoming and blessing of your relationship with your authentic self
  • A Personalized RITUAL which will energize your self care habits
  • 2 instructional videos that will guide you through the shamanic tools you will take home and use to achieve a powerful transformation
  • Personalized Recommendations for moving forward for enhanced self care practices

This package is is valued at $369.00, and it could all be yours for FREE!

We are selecting 10 lucky participants to be part of a Self Care Recovery Pilot Program, in which you will work closely with an experienced modern-day shaman to create a
self-care regime that will start you on the path to a more fulfilled, abundant and happy life.

Limited Offer, don’t miss out!

In this beautiful experiential program you may personally experience profound energetic shifts for greater self love, self care and immersion into your truly unique soul beauty!

This EXCLUSIVE OFFER is limited to 10 people, so register now to get this package valued at $369.00, register now to get this offer, all for FREE!

The program requires specific criteria we have to meet, so not everyone will qualify.

But I am happy to share with you that everyone who registers will receive a FREE GIFT – a guided meditation “Journey to a Sacred Meeting Place”. In this guided meditation, you will journey to a sacred place where you will receive messages from your divine celestial team and your higher self, where you will experience vibrational heart centered energetic alignments and be guided to embody your highest vibration.

After you register, you will receive a short questionnaire designed to screen participants for this experiential Panel Review. We have limited spots available, and specific criteria we have to meet in this program, so not everyone will qualify.

If you are chosen as one of the successful candidates to be part of this Exclusive Panel Review, you will receive an email notifying you of your Success!

You will also receive an email link to book your three self-care consultations, and the Recovery Kit to get you started on your Self Care Journey to creating a renewed, fulfilled abundant and happy life! CLICK HERE TO SIGNUP

This is my greatest prayer for you!

Blessings and much love,

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